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We understand you have questions. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about dental services and Dentistico. If you want to speak with someone, please feel to free to call us at +91- 9868977777 or ask your dentist or any member of the team Dentistico.

Q. What should I expect on my first visit?
A. After you’re greeted by our Patient Care Executive, we will take a series of digital images or x-rays. It may be a few more than you might expect, but x-rays are needed so that we can complete a comprehensive exam of your entire mouth. After reviewing your x-rays, your dentist will discuss your dental and medical history and the reason for your visit. The dentist will then perform a thorough oral exam and suggest a comprehensive treatment plan that's best for you.

Q. Will I get my teeth cleaned on the first visit?
A. There are actually several levels of cleaning available depending on your oral health status. To determine the best cleaning for you, and to schedule adequate time with our hygienist, we will need to see you first for a comprehensive exam. Your actual treatment usually begins with a follow-up visit, often scheduled as soon as the next day.

Q. What is comprehensive care?
A. You'll hear the term "comprehensive care" often at Dentistico. It means that our doctor will examine your entire mouth to determine your overall oral health, and recommend treatment for long-lasting good health, rather than just fixing your immediate problem.

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